weight watchers air fryer

Weight Watchers Air Fryer Recipes | 2 Healthy & Delicious Food

My air fryer recipes are aimed to provide you the formula for preparing healthy and delicious foods using an air fryer. These...
Baked buffalo Chicken Wings

How to Make Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe at Home

Chicken wings with skinny chicken meat along the thin bones are the tasty parts of the chicken. Both grilled and fried wings...
Oats Recipes

Different Types of Oats Recipes | Easy Way to be Healthful

We know that oat meals are healthy and nutritious.  Among its many health benefits, the most prominent are:  it promotes cardiovascular health,...
Caramelized Apple Recipe

2 Caramelized Apple recipe | How to Prepare Easily at Home

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘ an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. So if we had to have an apple a...
Mashed potato

3 different mashed potato recipes | Easy way to prepare a healthy food

We can eat potatoes in different way. Mashed potato is one of them.  We know potato is very healthy food. This recipe...
Pasta Recipes

Pasta Recipes | Simple and Easy Healthy Food Recipes

Pasta is a very good source of carbohydrates. Pasta is a dynamic food item which you can consume as your lunch, dinner,...
Chicken Fry Recipes

Chicken Fry Recipes | How To Prepare Chicken Fry At Home

Chicken a very popular poultry meat is liked by almost everyone. As it is available everywhere, there are numerous ways of cooking...
Waffle recipe

Waffle Recipe | How Can You Make it at Home Easily for 2021

Waffle in the breakfast table is just nothing like it. It is not only a just baked and hot menu in your...
Easy Cabbage Recipes

Easy Cabbage Recipes | How to Cook 3 Quick Cabbage Recipes

In our busy life sometimes we want to prepare easy and quick recipe for our family. Here I described 3 easy cabbage...
Shami Kabab Recipes

Shami Kabab Recipe | How To Cook In A Simple Way At Home

"Some country's language becomes slang in some other country." The word 'Shami' in Bengali means 'Husband'. Therefore, Shami kabab is almost a...