Curd Recipes

Curd Recipes | Two Different Healthy Food for Your Snack Time

We know Curd is a highly nutritious with a good amount of protein and calories. It has many health benefits including helping...
Seekh Kabab Rod

Seekh Kabab Recipe a Delicious Tasty Food with Wonderful Smell

Kababs are specially roasted or smoky form recipes specially made for meat lovers. Seekh means thin rod, which is passed through small pieces or...
Crispy Eggplant fry

Crispy Eggplant Fry Beguni a Famous and Tasty Snack

Eggplant is eaten in different ways. It is a good ingredient for curry, at the same time tasty snacks can be made...
Aflatoon Recipe

Aflatoon Recipe A Yummy Tasty Different Type of Mouthwatering Cake

Aflatoon is a baked sweet item with a similar look like a cake, although there is a gulf of difference between aflatoon...
Potato Paratha

Potato Paratha Recipe Very Easy and Simple but Healthy

‘Aloo’ or ‘alu’ means potato. Potato paratha recipe is a very common menu to most people of the India and Pakistan as...
Potato Pakora

Potato Pakora Recipe | How to Make a Common Street Food at Home

Potato has rich food value and thereby people around the world eat potato in different ways. In India and Bangladesh because of...
Beef Samucha recipe

Beef Samucha Recipe a Tasty And Favorite Snacks For Everyone

Samucha is one of the most delicious and attractive snacks items available in South Asian countries. Though its inner ingredient called ‘pour’...
Chicken Stick

Chicken Stick Crumb | Healthy Quick And Easy Recipe

Chicken stick crumb is a low-fat recipe with about 3.3 gm Sat fat per serving. 3-4 pieces of chicken stick crumb with...
Chicken Shashlik

Shashlik Recipes Very Easy | A Delicious Healthy Snacks

Shashlik is a very popular snack item which is liked by people of almost every region, particularly in SA and ME countries....
Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora Recipe a Very Healthy And Tasty Snack

Chicken is very famous, very versatile and very tasty food item. Almost everyone loves chicken and it can be found easily. Chicken...