Low Fat recipes

Low Fat recipes

Enjoy low fat foods without losing any flavour with some of these sensational low fat recipes. Find healthy, delicious low fat recipes for any meal, any day of the week.

Chicken spicy curry

Chicken spicy curry recipe | How to cook a tasty chicken at home

  Recipe by Sultana Chicken spicy curry is a very popular and common menu in the food table of the Bengali (people of Bangladesh and Northeastern...
Spinach prawn curry

Spinach prawn curry | A healthy vegetable recipe

  Recipe by Sultana Spinach is a healthy vegetable. It is in season during spring. Spinach is available all over the world. Spinach is a common...
Eggplant chutney

Eggplant chutney recipe | A yummy delicious side dish

  Recipe by Sultana If you have a very good menu for lunch or dinner for your guests, they will still look around for something else...
Chicken stick

Chicken stick crumb | Healthy quick and easy recipe

  Recipe by Sultana Chicken stick crumb is a low fat recipe with about 3.3 gm Sat fat per serving. 3-4 pieces of chicken stick crumb...