Meat-chicken, beef, and mutton

Meat-chicken, beef, and mutton

Discover your meat recipes including chicken, beef, mutton, and duck from Sultana's recipe.

Chicken roast

Chicken roast | How to cook a yummy delicious recipe at home

  Recipe by Sultana Among different chicken recipes, Chicken roast is the one reserved for special occasions like marriage ceremony, Eid (Muslims’ holy festivals) etc. It...
Chicken pakora

Chicken pakora recipe a very healthy and tasty snack

Recipe by Sultana Chicken is very famous, very versatile and very tasty food item. Almost everyone loves chicken and it can be found easily. Chicken...
Chicken masala recipes

Delicious chicken masala recipe | A yummy healthy food

  Recipe by Sultana Delicious chicken masala recipe through an Indian style chicken recipe is liked by almost his type of cooking practices in...
Chicken bhuna recipe

Chicken bhuna recipe | How to cook a delicious chicken quickly

  Recipe by Sultana Chicken bhuna recipe is yet another variety of chicken curry, which is specially cooked with thick gravy, for eating paratha and naan-roti...
Cheese Chicken

Cheese chicken | How to cook an easy and quick recipe

The cheese chicken recipe is a quick and easy recipe. I love to cook the recipe because it is not only easy it is...
Chicken cashew salad

Chicken cashew salad | Very delicious and favorite salad

  Recipe by Sultana Chicken cashew salad is a highly decorated and attractive salad with both high protein and vegetables. The salad enriches its flavor and...
Beef steak

Homemade minced beef steak and burger recipe

Beef steak Recipe by Sultana Beef is such a widely used food item. It makes many different dishes in many different forms. In this recipe, the...
Duck meat

Duck meat jhal curry | A tasty delicious food recipe

Duck meat is one of the highly demanded food items by people of almost every region. Its Indian style of cooking with hot spices...
Mutton chop

Mutton chop curry | How to prepare a restaurant style recipe

  Recipe by Sultana Mutton is very tasty meat and favorite to many. Its chop curry is a very special dish, which is cooked during the...