Special Occasion

Special Occasion

Find your special recipes for your special occasion from Sultana's recipe and make the occasion enjoyable with delicious food.

Chicken kebab

How to Prepare Chicken Kebab Almost Instantly

Kebab is a very favorite meat recipe. Almost everyone likes to eat hot kebab. You can easily make different types of chicken...
Peppercorn beef

How to Make your Peppercorn Beef easily?

Peppercorn Beef tenderloin is the perfect recipe for your Christmas Dinner. Special occasion means special food. Christmas is knocking the door. So...
3 best beef recipes

3 best beef recipes | Easy and simple way to cook

These 3 best beef recipes are the easiest ways of cooking spicy beef and liver that are normally practiced on the Muslims Holy Eid-ul-Adha...
Birthday cakevideo

Birthday cake | How to prepare a cake without baking powder

The cake is always a favorite for us. We make different types of cake and we know without baking powder cake will never increase....
Birthday cake

How to make a delicious birthday cake without baking powder

  Recipe by Sultana Birthday is always a special day for every person. If you make a delicious birthday cake at home for your special one...

2 delicious cheesecake recipes | Baked and No Bake

  Recipe by Sultana I think there are very few people who do not like cake. It is unimaginable to have a party without cake. However,...
Sweet and sour prawn

Sweet and sour prawn | How to prepare a delicious recipe at home

  Recipe by Sultana Prawn is a very tasty food item that is liked by almost everyone. There are many different types of recipes of prawn....
Mutton chop

Mutton chop curry | How to prepare a restaurant style recipe

  Recipe by Sultana Mutton is very tasty meat and favorite to many. Its chop curry is a very special dish, which is cooked during the...
Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies an easy healthy tasty recipe

Recipe by Sultana I always try to make delicious food recipes for my family and friends, the recipe for tasty Christmas cookies is one of...