How to Achieve Better Sleep (and Overall Wellness) By Cutting Body Fat

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Carrying extra weight can impact your health in a lot of ways. But perhaps the most significant is in terms of your sleep quality and overall wellness. The good news is that by reducing your body fat, you can enjoy better sleep, have more energy, and feel healthier all-around. Here’s how.

For Better Sleep Eat Nutritiously: Food is Fuel

Plenty of adults have an unhealthy relationship with food. So, the first key to reducing body fat and enjoying better wellness is to adjust your eating habits. Fortunately, putting together wholesome meals from your pantry doesn’t have to taste terrible. Try tasty and nutritious dishes like spinach tortellini soup or a legume quesadilla. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and get the nutrients your body craves.

Of course, adjusting your habits can take a bit more effort than just creating a tempting menu. Many people aim to hasten their weight loss by supplementing with fat burners and appetite suppressants. Do your research carefully—including reading reviews—to ensure you’re making a safe and smart purchase. Always ask your doctor before taking any new—or non-prescribed—medicines, too.

Add Fat-Burning Habits to Your Dietx

While you’re changing your diet to include slimmer meal options, think about adding fat-burning ingredients to your dishes. Medical News Today explains that foods like nuts don’t necessarily burn fat—but they do help keep you feeling full longer. Other ingredients, such as chili peppers, can affect your metabolism in positive ways, plus studies suggest it might increase fat-burning in your body.

Beverages are another way to boost your nutritional intake while cutting calories. Experts agree that consuming more water is a great way to cut calories and start living a healthier lifestyle. So, it follows that non-sweet tea intake can help you both hydrate and replace snacking via empty calories. Green tea, especially, has multiple health benefits, including the ability to supplement your metabolism, explains Good Housekeeping. If coffee is more your cuppa, try a dash of cinnamon to amp up the weight loss benefits.

Better Sleep Fill in Nutrient Gaps

Another way to drop fat faster and enjoy better sleep is by giving your system the support it needs. For example, studies suggest that fasting may have an effect on sleep—and that long-term calorie reductions can mean improved REM cycles.

As John Hopkins Medicine explains, your diet can affect your ability to sleep well just as much as it can impact your weight loss efforts. Their top three tips span advice like drinking less (or no) alcohol, skipping spicy foods before bed, and avoiding high-fat and high-protein dishes before you rest.

Studies have also suggested that poor sleep can lead to overeating, which only worsens body fat ratios. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night, say experts, and watch your calorie intake for best rest and weight results. Counting calories has dual benefits: research shows that a calorie deficit is the best way to lose weight.

Of course, getting your body moving also offers plenty of benefits for sleep quality and overall fitness levels.

Better sleep
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Get Moving (to Get Good Rest)

While getting restful sleep can be a struggle while you work toward a healthier body fat level, there is one simple step you can take to sleep better tonight. Exercise can help your body burn fat and prepare for a beneficial night’s sleep. Research even suggests that people with chronic insomnia can improve their better sleep after only a few weeks of regular exercise.

Taking good care of your body is crucial for staying healthy over the years. And if you didn’t know how essential good-quality rest is to your health, that newfound knowledge can serve as motivation. You’ll be more inspired than ever to start working toward less body fat and a happier lifestyle—starting with excellent nutrition and healthier habits.

By Dana Brown

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