Birthday cake | How to prepare a cake without baking powder


The cake is always a favorite for us. We make different types of cake and we know without baking powder cake will never increase. Some ingredients are common for making a cake and baking powder is one of them. But here I make this birthday cake without baking powder and the cake increased normally. I used cake improver gel instead of baking powder. And believe me, the cake was too soft and yummy. So my friend here is the video for you:


Ingredients for birthday cake

150 gm sugar

300 gm egg

20 gm corn flour

130 gm flour

1 tsp cake improver gel

1 pinch salt

2 tbsp oil

4-5 drops vanilla essence

Ingredients for butter Cream

2 eggs white

400 gm butter

200 gm icing sugar

Color for decorating

For process of theĀ  recipe click here

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