3 Interesting Places to Try New Foods When Visiting Soulard

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The first established neighborhood in St. Louis is a historic community populated by residents devoted to maintaining the unique location. Visitors to Soulard can expect to see historic buildings, learn more about the establishment of the neighborhood, and enjoy some of the best meals and new foods in the country. The options of dining choices are as diverse as the people that venture into the community.

Enjoy Asian Delicacies

The city of St. Louis has benefited from the influences of its Chinese community since the mid-1800s. Over 300 Chinese restaurants exist around the city, so anyone that spends time in the area needs to discover the unique dishes offered. Every type of Chinese eatery exists including buffets, trendy hotspots, and many family-owned restaurants. Even vegan-friendly and fusion options exist for those that want something other than the traditional takeout meals. Any visitors to Soulard need to try this delicious restaurant at least once during their stay.

Discover the Market

The Soulard Farmers’ Market began in 1779 in a meadow that was once at risk of closure during the Louisiana Purchase. In 1841, Julia Soulard, the widow of the former meadow owner preserved two city blocks as a farmers’ market. Two buildings on the property housed the market at that time. Changes have taken place over the centuries, but the market still operates all year from Wednesday through Saturday and houses an amazing array of locally grown and produced goods, sold by the makers.

New foods
Delicious food

The market is not only desirable as a stop for locals and visitors due to its history but because of the many amazing meal ingredients available. Some vendors offer prepared food and drinks to enjoy on-site, but most people make certain to take home groceries to prepare their fresh meals. Expect to find a stunning array of fresh produce and meats, as well as baked goods, spices, farm-fresh cheeses and much more. Many craftspeople and artisans also operate stalls at the market, so gift items abound.

Enjoy Some Desert

Debates exist about whether a St. Louis citizen invented the ice cream cone or if it began in New York. Historical reports do show that at the same time the ice cream cone went on sale in New York, World’s Fair guests were also enjoying the creation in St. Louis. The state of Missouri was home to one of the first ice cream cone businesses that regularly introduced the product to audiences at local events. The Cornucopia Waffle Company and the Missouri Cone Company were also operating in the state and led by the same man who brought the waffle cone to the World’s Fair.

Dark chocolate mousse cake
Delicious Dessert

A stop at an ice cream shop is a necessity, and there are many in and around Soulard to enjoy. Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery is an example of what surprises lay ahead. The creamery offers hand made selections with exquisite choices like lavender, espresso, and a sample of Southeast Asian flavors with pandan ice cream. The creamery also offers a “naughty list” of ice cream flavors, designed for adults and infused with alcohol. Clementine has a few Vegan selections as well.

Dining is only a small part of what Soulard has to offer. There is the close-knit community, the beautiful architecture that dates primarily to the Civil war-era, and plenty of exciting nightlife. A visitor to Soulard will take a step into Missouri’s past with modern additions that keep it vibrant and lively.

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