Who Else Wants To Know The Obesity Symptoms?

Obesity Symptoms

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Nowadays obesity is a common physical issue. If you know the obesity symptoms and obesity causes than you can take the treatment of obesity. And also take the prevention of obesity.

The table of contents is:

  • What is Obesity
  • Obesity Symptoms
  • Obesity Causes
  • Treatment of Obesity
  • Prevention of Obesity

What is Obesity?

“OBESITY “A single word has a very immense effect if it is attached to your image. Whatever you call it obesity, overweight, flabby, bulky, chubby or flashy, it can welcome lots of health issues in your life.

Obesity Symptoms
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We Must Know: Obesity Symptoms

In medical science, obesity is called a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated in such a way that it may have a very negative impact on health & lifestyle. Well, it is very easy to calculate whether you have obesity or not in a simple way that is if your body weight is more than 20% of your ideal weight according to your height than you have obesity.

Maximum people who are obese, are not aware of the obesity symptoms & even though they have no proper knowledge about obesity. Let’s check out with me if you are caring about the symptoms  of obesity or not:

  • After climbing a few stairs if you feel breathless.
  • Sitting in a normal temperature, but sweat over & over.
  • If you have a habit of snoring.
  • If you do not avail to cope with the sudden physical activity.
  • If you feel very tired every day after doing simple household chores or regular activities.
  • If you are facing the problem of back & joint pain.
  • If you have very low confidence & self-esteem.
  • And last not the least if you are feeling isolated.

These are the most common symptoms of obesity. ln this article, you will get all the information such as to cause, prevention & treatment of obesity.

What are Obesity Causes?

Let take a glimpse of the causes of obesity. There are several causes of obesity. One of them is

Obesity Symptoms
Causes of Obesity

Physical inactivity: If you are an idle worker, if you love to spend time only eating, gossiping & sleeping without any physical movement then definitely you will gain weight.

Overeating: One of the most common reasons for obesity is overeating, that is, eating too much & moving too little. If you intake huge amount of energy, particularly fat and sugar, but does not burn off the extra energy through physical activity, then you are going to face the problem, call obesity.

Genetics: Some time the genetic condition of people are responsible for obesity. Scientist believes that a combination of genes  & behaviors may trigger obesity.

Psychological factors: Psychological factors link up with everyone, but for some people, this factor affects very badly. Their emotion influences their eating habit. They eat excessively in response to their emotions. Such as stress, boredom, sadness  & failure.

Medications: Diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, Cushing syndrome, PCOS are the major contributors to obesity. If you have one of these diseases, you can confirm the reason of your obesity.

What is the Treatment of Obesity?

Most important part of obesity treatment is your willingness to change yourself & maintain that. If you wish, you can work with a team of health professionals. Like dietitian behavior counselor or an obesity specialist to understand & make necessary changes in your lifestyle. The treatment method typically depends on the level of obesity. Some tools for obesity treatment can help you to cope with obesity like dietary changes, exercise an activity, behavior changes & prescription.

Obesity Symptoms
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  • Dietary changes: You can reduce the intake of excess calories. It’s essential to review typical eating & drinking habits to see how many calories you intake & where you cut it back.
  • Physical exercise: Physical exercise is the most important part of obesity treatment. Nothing can beat it. You can maintain your weight loss plan with a simple physical activity that is walking regularly.
  • Behavior changes: Behavior changes are another treatment of obesity. Your changing behavior pattern can help you to lose weight & find out which factors contributing to your obesity.
  • Medication: Medication is another way of weight loss. There are quite a few prescription weights loose medication available in the market. Which are safe & can be taken for losing weight, but keep in mind that weight loss medication always used along with proper diet, exercise & behavior changes.

How to Prevent: Prevention of obesity

If you get your desired body by losing weight, don’t forget to use the prevention method. To prevent obesity, maintain a balanced diet & exercise regularly. You will be surprised to know that once a fat cell form they remain in the body forever. Although one can reduce the size of the fat cell but cannot get rid of them.

Health is one of the great wealth of life. No one wants the tag of obesity with their image. So, everybody should maintain it in every possible way. So, eat healthy food, do possible physical activity & stay fit.

Written by Ruma Zaman