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Benefits-of-mustard oil
Top 6 Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Sultana Parvin

If you ask me who is your favorite chef? My answer- my mother is my favorite chef. I noticed that she always used mustard oil for her cooking that gives a special smell to the food. That special smell used to make us realize that mom is cooking for us. We know there are many benefits of mustard oil. Till the mid-80s, she used mustard oil. All of my siblings loved her cooking. Even if it is a normal menu but the taste was awesome. Her every kind of cooked dish and even some pickles were just awesome. She loved to cook and like to invite people every time. There was not any day when she ate without a guest. She passed away 14 years ago but still I remembered the smell of her food.

Mustard Oil For Cooking

My mother lately suffered from gastritis pain. Many of us said that mustard oil could have increased gastritis. At that time soya bean oil came on the market. The oil was cheaper and people said that it is healthy and light. So the soya bean oil easily got popularity. Since then we have been using soya bean oil for cooking. But until now some of us are suffering from gastritis even from an early age. My nieces and nephew, both are suffering from severe gastritis from an early age. Now I realized that the use of mustard oil as the reason for gastritis was a rumor for marketing the soya bean oil and they were successful.

mustard oil for cooking
Benefits of Mustard Oil in Cooking

Now a day occasionally we use mustard oil for some special cooking and particularly for making pickles. Since mustard oil is costlier than soya bean oil, people do not afford to use it for regular cooking especially for frying that requires a huge amount of oil. We know there are many benefits of mustard oil. I saw my father always used mustard oil as a lotion. He rubbed his body with mustard oil before his shower and also put mustard oil in his nose, ear, and belly button. He told us that this oil protected him from cold and coughing. Believe me or not, we really didn’t see him ever suffering from cold or coughing. It really worked for him. Until now whenever we are caught by severe cold, asthma, and cough, we use boiled mustard oil with garlic. It gives us relief. Mustard oil is a very good tonic for a newborn baby.

Benefits of mustard oil

Some Benefits of Mustard Oil:

1. Natural Sunscreen

If you have an allergy to sunscreen, mustard could be the alternative to it? No problem there is natural sunscreen around with us. If you know the name of natural sunscreen you won’t believe that. The name of our natural sunscreen is “Mustard oil”. Yes, mustard oil is very good as a natural sunscreen.

uses of mustard oil
Natural Sunscreen

2. Helpful For Removing The Black Spot Of The Skin

If anybody hasn’t heard that mustard oil is good for removing the dark spot of skin, I know he/she couldn’t believe it. Because most of us believe that mustard oil darkens the skin. But the fact is, mustard oil is very effective to remove the black spots on the skin. If you use a pack of mustard oil you will find a magical result. Make a pack by mixing Bengal gram powder, yogurt, mustard oil, and a few drops of lemon juice. Wash your face with cold water after 10-15 minutes. For getting good results using this pack three times a week. It will make your skin smoother and softer.

is mustard oil good for your skin
Removing the black spot

3. Helpful For Preventing The Lips Crack

Lip crack in dry weather is a very common problem. Many people have this problem so much that lip balm does not work. Apply a little mustard oil to the lips. This natural myocardial lip prevents the leak to make the lips soft and soft. Use two to three drops of mustard oil on your belly button every night. After some days you will find the result.

what is mustard oil good for
Preventing Lips Crack

4. Helpful For Preventing The Hair From Ripe

Mustard oil contains nutrient content, vitamins, and minerals, which prevent the hair from premature ejaculation. Before you go to sleep, massage the oil in the hair and the palate of the head every night. This will prevent your hair from ripe.

health benefits of mustard oil massage
Helpful for preventing hair ripe

5. Helpful For Growing New Hair And Anti-Dandruff

There is plenty of beta-carotene in mustard oil. It regularly helps to regenerate new hair due to the regular massage of the head. Besides, this oil is the source of iron, fatty acid, calcium, and magnesium. Which helps prevent hair fall and grow new hair. Mustard oil mixed with powdered fenugreek is used as a cure for dandruff.

benefits of mustard oil for hair
Growing new hair and anti-dandruff

6. Helpful For Health And Treatment

Rheumatism and Arthritis

Mustard oil has been used in conventional oils and medicines for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Teeth Problem

It strengthens the teeth and reduces toothache. It has been traditionally used with salt to massage gums for the treatment of various gum diseases.

Heart Disease

Mustard oil can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by up to 70%. It is better than olive oil because the later does not have an ideal ratio of omega-6 (N6) and Omega-3 (N3) fatty acids useful in reducing heart complications. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the body as well as the chances of heart disease.

More Benefits Of Mustard Oil:

  • It is insomnia and cancer resistance
  • Reduce pain in the syndrome
  • Improve pulse quality
  • Reduces headache
  • Removes constipation
  • Removes the nose off feeling
  • Eardrop option for ear pain
  • The simple cut of the antiseptic works
  • Helps to reduce your joint pain
benefits of mustard oil
Benefits of mustard oil

I hope my friends will use mustard oil in their regular life for preventing many diseases and keeping a healthy life from now. 

Before buying mustard oil you have to check its purity. Especially when you will use it for the skin you must buy good quality mustard oil. Check here for the best quality of mustard oil.

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