Diabetes Food List | Bad for People with Diabetic Condition

Diabetes food list
Diabetes food list



By M Mila

A person with diabetic or pre-diabetic condition needs to control sugar level for his or her blood. Diabetes food list does not include foods and drinks which contain more sugar or which after consumption convert to excessive glucose or sugar and thereby increase the sugar level in the blood of this type of person. Foods with more carbohydrate and some starchy vegetables also convert into glucose, which gives rise to blood sugar levels. Again some foods although not directly increase sugar level but increase saturated fat in the body and blood cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart diseases to persons with diabetes. Thus, following food and drinks are not good for people with Type-2 and Type-1 diabetes due to their high sugar content or conversion to more glucose or sugar after eating or drinking, or the increase of saturated fat in the body.

Diabetes food list: Do not include foods and drinks

  1. Sugar, Honey, Syrup, and their Products

These foods directly go into the blood of people with the diabetic or pre-diabetic condition. Those in the marginal level may take a small quantity on occasions but consumption of a higher quantity will significantly increase blood sugar level.


Diabetes food list
Sugar, honey, and syrup


  1. Beverage/Soft drinks, alcohol and energy drink

These drinks are worst for diabetics. These contain huge refined sugar, usually, a small beverage contains about 6 tablespoon sugar.  Alcohol has a good amount of calories. Limited alcohol may give rise to sugar level, but drinking excessive alcohol may cause fall of sugar level, which is even more dangerous for diabetes. Beer and energy drinks give excessive rise to blood sugar level.

Diabetes food list



  1. Fruit juice

Juice extracts from fruit are normally the sweeter portion of fruit with no fiber. Again, most of the juices in the market are made sweet after adding a high amount of refined sugar. All these fruit juice will give rise to the blood sugar level of persons having diabetes.


Diabetes food list
Fruit juice


  1. Raisins and dried fruits

While most of the dried fruits possess a concentrated level of sugars, raisin contains more of it. It is extremely harmful to people with the diabetic or pre-diabetic condition.


Diabetes food list
Raisin and dried fruits


  1. Cakes, pastries and ice cream

These foods are not good for a diabetic person as they contain a good amount of sugar, butter or cream, and white/refined flour. Cakes, pastries and ice cream give quick rise to blood sugar level to the body of people with diabetes.


Diabetes food list
Cake, pastries and ice cream


  1. White rice and white bread

White rice and white bread contain a good amount of carbohydrate, which is then converted to glucose or sugar. These food give more rise to blood sugar level as they have very less fiber, i.e, fibers are removed to make the rice or bread white. Instead, rice with thin layer or skin, which are also called brown rice and brown bread are helpful for diabetic persons as they produce a lesser amount of carbohydrate.


Diabetes food list
White bead and white rice


  1. Potatoes and French fries

Potatoes have a relatively high glycemic index, meaning these are quickly converted to glucose. French fries as are made from potatoes are not good for diabetics. Such other starchy vegetables have the worst impact on your blood sugar levels. If you want to eat potatoes you can opt red potatoes as it contains more fiber and having a low glycemic index


Diabetes food list
Potatoes and french fries


  1. Palm Oil, fatty meat, and animal fat

These oil and fats contain high saturated fat which can cause high blood cholesterol levels. It is a risk factor for heart attack or other heart diseases. People with diabetes are at high risk of heart diseases. So they need to limit intake of saturated fat to lower risk of heart attack and such diseases.


Diabetes food list
Fatty meat, palm oil


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