How to extract coconut milk at home


This is an instructional demonstration on how to extract coconut milk from a mature coconut. Many of us don’t know how to extract coconut milk from a raw coconut. Nowadays tinned coconut milk is available in the market. It is a little bit expensive.

Fresh coconut is available in the market and all of us love to prepare a fresh food. Though extract milk from raw coconut is a little bit hard but not difficult. Extract milk from a fresh coconut is easy. So you can try it at home.

There are many recipes can be cook with this like: coconut with chicken, coconut with duck, coconut dessert, coconut rice etc. You will find many recipes on my site with this milk. You can make coconut oil also from this. I will describe the health benefits of coconut oil on my blog next time. There are many health benefits of this milk.

Video of extract coconut milk

For this, you need only raw coconut, blender, strainer, and hot water.