If you’re unsure about which foods to add to your micro greens menu, read on for a list of recommended foods. For example, try the Sorrel, Mizuna, and Arugula microgreens from Hungry Wanderlust. These three superfoods will add a little extra nutrition to your meals and are delicious on their own. And they’re easy to grow and prepare, too. Try these recipes this spring and see what you think.

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Hungry Wanderlust’s Microgreen Menu

Microgreens are a wonderful addition to many dishes at Hungry Wanderlust. These fresh plants can be used in baked goods and even on burgers. You can add them to a burger for a unique twist on the classic side dish. Hungry Wanderlust offers two different types of microgreens in its menu. Emerald shows us how to prepare them. Try one and you’ll be hooked.

Sorrel Microgreens

Sorrel microgreens are a delightful addition to salads, pasta dishes, and other foods. Because the leaves are so vibrant and citrusy, sorrel microgreens are an excellent garnish for seafood, grain salads, and leafy salads. Their bright color and sharp flavor make them perfect additions to any meal. In addition, they are fast-growing and add dynamic color to your salad.

Mizuna Microgreens

If you’re trying to build a healthy diet, try adding mizuna microgreens to your diet. This Japanese vegetable is milder than many of the other microgreens, and it grows easily. Its jagged edges give it an attractive appearance and it grows best in cooler temperatures. The stems can be eaten raw or cooked, and it’s low in calories and full of vitamins. Here are some tips for growing and using mizuna in your daily menu.

Arugula Microgreens

Arugula is an excellent choice for growing microgreens. This salad green needs a minimum of four to eight hours of direct sunlight daily to grow. You can buy a grow light that can provide these nutrients for your microgreens. To plant arugula seeds, place them on a jute mat that will drain. Water the seeds from the bottom. Planting arugula seeds indoors can be tricky, as they require special growing conditions.

Millet Microgreens

You may not have considered adding millet microgreens to your menu until recently. This common grain is nutritious and delicious when cooked or sprouted. Its taste is similar to barley’s, but much milder. It’s also easily cultivated in soil or a hydroponic system. Before you plant your seeds, soak them for at least 8 hours. In the morning, cover the seeds with soil.


If you’re looking for a new way to include microgreens in your meals, consider adding omelets to your meal plan. These tasty eggs are easy to prepare and can easily be added to your morning routine. You can add any number of greens to your omelet recipe. You can also try substituting other vegetables for the full-grown ones, such as spinach or kale. The options are endless!


Vietnamese beef noodle soup is known as Pho. You can find it on street corners all over Vietnam. It is healthy, hearty, and delicious! Pho is typically made with beef, a vegetable stock, and a variety of seasonings such as fish sauce, lime, star anise, and soy sauce. When preparing the soup, noodles are added to the pot along with beef and the flavors of lime, mint, and lemongrass.

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