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One day they introduced me to a super wet cake with a crunchy crust and they told me that the name was a brownie, since then I’m in love with this incredible cookie, after all that intense chocolate flavor is super humid, and with a thin crusty crust. And I’ve already taught a lot of recipes here on the blog and on the channel, but there are always people who come to say that the recipe did not work, that it was thin, that it turned into a stone and all this is for the simple fact of not following the recommendations of the recipe, and treat the brownie as a traditional cake, which is undoubtedly a big mistake so that today I will give some tips to make your brownie always perfect. At Baked Comfort Food you will find all the tips and tricks to make perfect brownies.

What Brownie is?

I say this because I see a lot of people thinking it got raw, or that the dough is heavy, you need to understand that a brownie does not take yeast so it will not grow and cuddle like quite the opposite if your brownie looks “raw” and has a lot of dough, and a thin crust on top means you have a perfect brownie.

You should know about the best brownie

Always follow the recipe! Yes, I know it’s cliché to say this, but I guarantee that to be exchanging ingredients for something that you think will work out can happen 2 things: something delicious will come out, but it will not be the same recipe, or something horrible will come out and you will blame the recipe. So nothing to think that getting the melted chocolate and using chocolate in place will work, or even using condensed milk thinking that it is the same as melted white chocolate (yes this happens a lot believe me =) when you make the recipe for the first time, follow what is written in the recipe and once you learn how to do it you can freak out as much as you want and make your changes.

Oven Time:

It is worth remembering that each oven is unique so you need to know if the temperature is correct, sometimes the deregulated oven is to blame for taking too long to bake or bake too fast, know that it is not because your oven says it is 180ºC that it really is At this temperature, the ideal is to invest in a furnace thermometer, but your experience with the oven can also help you in this. Another important thing is to always preheat the oven, your brownie should enter the oven only after 15 minutes of preheating and only then start counting the time indicated in the recipe, as I said each oven is unique and this can cause the time increase or reduce, so start checking your brownie after the first 10 minutes to see if it has formed a thin crust on the surface and test the toothpick.

Tango shape right:

If the recipe says that the shape is small believe the recipe, using a bigger shape will make your brownie thinner and with that, the oven time should be reduced because with a thinner layer of dough it will bake faster, so use the recipe provided in the recipe always. Here I always use 20cm shapes to keep them at a good height. But the important thing is that your dough should occupy at least half its shape, so if its shape is too large to double or even triple the recipe.

Perfect Brownies

Shape Type:

This seems to be silly but knows that the best ways to bake a brownie are light metal, aluminum, or stainless.


The rule for brownies is the same used in cakes, expect to cool to unmold, if trying to make it with it still warm can end up breaking all over your brownie.

Butter Paper:

Always use well-greased paper, that is: The shape should be greased and your paper butter too! This will facilitate the removal of the brownie from the shape without breaking and sticking.

Perfect cut:

For an ever-perfect cut, just cut your brownie completely cold and wipe the knife with each cut, so you’ll have nice slices.


5 days in the refrigerator, 3 days at room temperature and 3 months frozen.

What makes brownies fudgy vs cakey?

It is important to always correctly measure all the ingredients and to know that a dense dough will guarantee you a moist and creamy brownie, but remember to spread everything very well to have a uniform layer in the form and to bake everything equally.

Hope all of you enjoy the perfect brownies recipe, tips, and tricks. Enjoy your day.

By Veroni

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