22 Awesome Health Tips for Everyone-2021

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We always want to live a healthy and wealthy life. In our everyday life, we do many things that are wrong. There are 22 health tips for everyone. If we follow these tips in our daily life, our life will become healthy and wealthy. Just need practice for becoming a healthy life.

Health Tips for Everyone:

1. Don’t skip breakfast because it gives you energy all day.

Health tips
Don’t skip breakfast

2. Do not eat any fruit immediately after the meal. It may cause a form of gas. Eat fruit one hour before or two hours after eating the main meal.

Health tips
Don’t eat fruit just after the meal.

3. Do not smoke just after eating food. Smoking a cigarette after eating rice has an equal effect on your body as smoking ten cigarettes at a time.

Health tips
Don’t smoke after the meal

4. Do not drink tea right after eating the main meal. There are plenty of teak acids in tea, which increases the protein intake by 100 times, which results in more food than normal digestion.

Health tips
Don’t drink tea just after the meal

5. Do not lid belt or pants over your waist just after the main meal. The intestine can be easily spaced, twisted, or blocked when the belt or pants waist is pressed after the main meal.

Health tips
Don’t lid belt or pants just after the meal

6. Do not bathe after eating. After eating the rice, the body’s blood circulation level increases! As a result, the amount of blood in the stomach can be reduced, which will weaken the digestive system. As such foods in your belly will require more blood than normal for digestion.

Health tips
Don’t take bathe just after the meal

7. Do not go to sleep soon after eating the main meal. We all know that we should not go to sleep after eating rice. Because the food does not digest well if you are sleeping. As a result, gastric and intestine infection may occur!

Health tips
Don’t go to sleep just after the meal

8. Choose normal water as the main drink.

Health tips
Drink normal water with the meal

9. Do not drink a soft drink with fatty food.

Health tips
Don’t drink the soft drink with fast food

10. Do at least 20 minutes of physical activities every day.

Health tips
Do exercise

Healthy tips and healthy Life

11. Sleep at least 6- 8 hours in a day. It is necessary for a healthy life. The best sleeping time is 10 pm to 4 am.

Health tips
Sleep at least 6-8 hours

12. Do not take have a heavy meal after 5 pm.

Health tips
Don’t eat heavy food after 5 PM

13. Do not lie down after taking medicine.

Health tips
Don’t take medicine just before sleeping

14. Do not take vitamins with cold water.

Health tips
Don’t take vitamins with cold water

15. Answer cell phone in the left ear.

Health tips
Answer cell phone by the left ear

16. Don’t drink coffee more than twice a day.

Health tips
Don’t drink coffee more than 2/3 times

17. Reduce the amount of oily food you consume.

Health tips
Reduce take oily food

18. Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

Health tips
Drink more at day time

19. Keep your distance from headphone chargers.

Health tips
Keep distance headphone and charger

20. Don’t use headphones/earphones for a long period of time.
21. When phone battery is down to the last grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times.

Health tips
Don’t answer with last grid of charge bar

22. Keep always your eyes within 45-70cm from your computer screen.

Health tips
45-70 cm distance

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