Snow Ball recipe | How to easily make a snowball dessert at home

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe

Recipe by Sultana

Snow ball is the most desired sweet dish of my family members. It is specially included in the EID day menu. Whenever I think of making snow ball recipe, it reminds me of an interesting story that I’d like to share with you. It was 2010, I along with my family was in Washington D.C. I had an opportunity of representing our country in an “International Food Festival” program arranged by the US National Defense University.

Representatives from 35 countries presented their respective national foods on that occasion. I choose to present three items, one of which was snow ball. When the program started people came to my table and started asking about the “snow ball” and they were very surprised upon reading the name of the recipe. Snow ball in the dish was looking like balls from real snow. They were excited to know the recipe and asked me how could I prepare it. I answered that I made those using snow. I preserved the snow during the snow fall and after that, I made the balls with that snow. Notably, in that year there was a heavy snow fall in Washington D.C. When they started to believe that, I told them I was just kidding. Isn’t it interesting?

Now, I am going to share the recipe of Snow ball for which you are also getting exited to know.

Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 40 minutes
Total time 1 hour
Servings 8

Ingredients for snow ball recipe

4 Eggs

1 ltr liquid milk

½ tinned condensed milk

1 tbsp corn flour

4-5 drops vanilla essence

2 tbsp sugar

6 cherry (for decoration optional)

Process for snow ball recipe

Step 1

Separate the egg yolk and keep the white portion. Make sure no part of egg skin or yolk remains. The yolk will not allow you to make good foam. It is better to use an egg separator. Take a dry bowl and add vanilla essence and beat the white portion of egg in the bowl using an egg beater. Beat until the thick foam is created and it does not fall even you upside down the bowl.

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe

Step 2

Boil the liquid milk in a widespread dish. Put a small portion of the thickened foam over the milk, each of one tbsp size. Use tablespoon or round shaped spoon or you can use measurement spoon. So that it will look like a ball.

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe

Step 3

Cook for one minute. Turn the floating pieces of egg foam to cook on both sides. The color will turn to light yellow. Then take the pieces of foam in a wide serving dish. Make sure to take out the foam pieces after one minute.  Boiling for a longer time, the foam pieces will lose spongy posture and will become hard.

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe

Step 4

Boil the remaining milk further. Add condensed milk. Dilute the corn flour with half cup cool liquid milk and add to the milk mixture.  Add sugar and boil until the milk is thickened and color turns to light yellow. Put the milk over the foam pieces in the serving dish. Foam pieces will float and decorate those with cherry slices or nuts slice, or as you like.

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball recipe

Yummy delicious snow ball recipe is ready to serve.

Snow ball recipe
Snow ball

I love to cook and like to share my delicious food recipes with my beloved friends.

If you like my snow ball recipe please share the recipe with your family and friends.

*Happy cooking*

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