Amla pickle recipe | How to prepare a healthy pickle at home


Gooseberry. It is available in most of the countries in South East Asia. In Bangladesh, it is available in almost every district. Nearly transparent green Amla is a great source of vitamin C. Amla antioxidant called polyphenols is one type of cancer preventative. The Amla scaled iron, carotene, rich kromiyam bacteria repellent qualities. Amla is known to protect the quality of eye and hair. This is also a good way to help digestion. It increases the body’s resistance to disease, liver pollution, and controlling cholesterol levels and is beneficial in treating diabetes. An adult needs 30 gm of vitamin C daily. If someone consumes up to2amlasa day, it fulfills his/her daily needs.Not only as a fruit, you can make different types of pickles like sour, sweet, or morobba by Amla. Now let’s see how can you make tasty Amla pickle recipe.

India and China use amla as a medicinal fruit since ancient time. The main ingredients of Chabanprash, one of the most common herbal medicine in India is amla. Chinese has been using this fruit to cure throat inflammation for centuries. Yet everyone appreciates amla for curing a cold. Recently amla is being used for making hair shampoo, facial scrub, and various skin products.

Amla pickle

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