Benefits Of Lauki Amla Juice: The Super Drink For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Lauki Amla Juice

Last Updated on December 2, 2023 by Sultana Parvin

Lauki Amla Juice, also known as the natural health elixir, is a powerful drink that packs the perfect punch of nutrients you need to kickstart your day. From weight loss to boosting immunity, it can do amazing wonders for your body. Starting your mornings with this amazing Lauki Amla Juice can elevate your fitness game to the next level. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Lauki Amla Juice and some suggestions regarding its use.

Health Benefits of Lauki Amla Juice

Lauki Amla juice on an empty stomach is considered to ward off various diseases and help with various metabolic activities. It is like taking an elixir that can solve most of your problems. Let’s discuss the potential benefits of this juice one by one along with supporting evidence to know our drink better.

Nutritional Supremacy

NutrientLauki (Per 100g)Amla (Per 100g)
Water Content92%88%
Dietary Fiber0.5g4.3g
Vitamin C12mg27.7mg
Vitamin A0.01mg290IU

As you can clearly see from the table, both Lauki and Amla have very few or zero calories, great hydration content, and a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. This nutrient profile makes both a powerhouse of nutrients.

1.    Lauki Amla Juice for Weight Loss

The low-calorie content of Lauki and Amla Juice makes it an ideal drink for those aiming for weight loss. Hydration plays a key role in weight loss as it gives a sense of fullness and controls cravings, and both Lauki and Amla have great hydration profiles. Amla has been proven to boost metabolism, which further amps up the process of calorie burning, resulting in overall weight loss. ( Learn How To Make Lauki Amla Juice for Weight Loss )

2.    Skin Health

Lauki coupled with Amla can be a great fit for your cosmetological concerns. Amla, rich in vitamin C, helps with collagen synthesis, promoting skin elasticity and combating signs of aging. Consuming Lauki and Amla juice on a regular basis can impart a glow to your skin.

3.    Hair Growth and Strength

Amla is quite popular for its role in a hair care regime. Studies have suggested that Amla’s antioxidant properties not only provide strength to hair follicles but also reduce hair fall and promote healthy growth. Lauki has been proven to treat grey hairs.

4.    Detoxification

Lauki and Amla Juice on an empty stomach can help with detoxification, i.e., removal of toxins from the body. Lauki has been shown to have amazing detoxification properties.

5.    Digestion

The fiber-rich profile of Amla and Lauki helps in improving the digestion process. Apart from that, Amla helps with digestive enzymes that aid in a better digestion process. The anti-inflammatory properties of Amla also help in soothing the digestive system. Being rich in dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), Lauki helps in preventing constipation, flatulence, and even piles. It is also easy to digest.

6.    Immunity Booster

Amla, being rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, helps in boosting the immune system. On the other hand, bottle guard’s detoxifying and healing properties further save the body from any chance of infection and disease.

7.    Healthy Heart

Lauki contains apt amounts of sodium, potassium, essential minerals, and trace elements, which help regulate blood pressure and prevent the risk of heart ailments such as hypertension. In animal research, amla has been seen to reduce triglycerides, which further improves the cholesterol profile and benefits cardiovascular health.

8.    Diabetes Management

In research, Amla appears to be very promising as it could lower blood glucose in both healthy people as well as diabetics. Lauki, having a low glycemic index, also proves to be a good choice for diabetics.

Other Benefits of Lauki Amla Juice:

  • Mixing some sesame oil in Lauki juice can help with insomnia.
  • It is also beneficial for neurological problems.
  • In the case of UTI, the alkalinity of Lauki can help in relieving the burning sensation.
  • This juice can also help with the healthy functioning of the liver.
  • Amla in this juice is also beneficial in preventing age-related kidney disorders.
  • This juice brings a cooling effect to the body.

Suggestions and Concerns:

Lauki and Amla Juice have various benefits. This juice benefits almost every organ of the body, but that doesn’t mean the picture is all white. There are some grey areas one needs to know about.


  • Some individuals might experience bloating, gas, or an upset stomach.
  • Amla can interact with ongoing medications, for example, Amla might increase the absorption of blood-sugar-lowering medication which can lead to dangerously low levels of blood sugar in people with diabetes.
  • Severe complications include diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, and abdominal pain.
  • Amla’s high oxalate content can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Hence people having a history of kidney stones should talk to their doctor before drinking this juice.


  • Drink on an empty stomach to gain better results.
  • Moderation is the key; start with a small amount and then slowly increase the intake if it suits you.
  • One should pay attention to his/her body as the body is the best judge. Observe how your body responds, and in case of discomfort, you might want to try some other vegetable juices.
  • Always source fresh and green produce and be aware of bitter varieties of lauki as it can be detrimental to your health.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and freshness during preparation is equally important to avoid food-related illnesses.
  • It is best to make your Lauki Amla Juice at home and consume it fresh, although it can be used within 24 hours.
  • The juice should be kept in clean, airtight, glass containers in the refrigerator to avoid any chances of contamination.
  • If you decide to source it from the market then make sure to choose organic brands.


Lauki and Amla Juice can be your daily elixir for revival and rejuvenation. The benefits range from improving digestion and immunity to boosting skin and heart health. However, one should be mindful of the body’s reaction to this juice. If you experience no discomfort, then congratulations, you have saved a big part of your medical bills. Happy juicing!

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