15 Best Healthy Food Recipes 2021 | Diabetic and Heart Healthy

Healthy food recipes

Last Updated on December 1, 2020 by Sultana Parvin

Healthy food recipes meant to present those recipes which are low carb, less fat and low in cholesterol. These foods comprise of fish, chicken, vegetables, soup, and rice items. A combination of 2-3 of these items can make a complete meal for those having diabetes or heart-related issues.

Contents of the healthy food recipes are as follows:

Fish recipes

  1. Fish loaf
  2. Tilapia fry
  3. Pomfret fry
  4. Salmon Fish Fry

Chicken recipes

  1.  Butter Chicken
  2. Chicken stick crumb
  3. Low-fat chicken recipes
  4. Chicken with bell pepper

Rice recipes

  1. Lemon rice
  2. spinach rice
  3. Carrot rice

Soup Recipes

  1. 2 types Cilantro soup

Vegetable and salad recipes

  1. Okra recipe
  2. Chicken salad recipe with pineapple
  3. Chicken salad recipes with cabbage

Healthy Food Recipes: Fish

Fish Loaf:

It is perfect for those who need to eat more protein with a moderate carb, less cholesterol, and fat. Main ingredients of the fish loaf are tuna fish, egg, milk and grounded dry bread with some tasty spices. Presence of mega 3 fatty acid of fish makes it a real healthy food with many health benefits including control of blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

Tilapia fry

Tilapia is common fish all around the world. Here is a recipe of tilapiafish.

Salmon Fry

Salmon is a very healthy fish. Seared salmon recipe is very simple and easy. Try the recipe.

Pomfret fry

White pomfret fishes are though enriched with a bit higher calorie but enriched with high protein, vitamins, and minerals. With zero carbohydrates the fish fat of Pomfret makes a very attractive keto type and healthy recipe for a person with a diabetic. This is also an easy and simple recipe that you can easily cook at home.

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Butter Chicken

The chicken is very delicious and famous recipe.

Chicken Stick crumb

Chicken stick crumb is one of the healthy foods recipes with a very low carb and fat content. Crispy sticks of boneless chicken will make your meal delicious with a small amount of calorie and allow you to eat 4 to 5 sticks with tortilla/ naan roti or without anything.

Chicken Salad recipes

Salads are usually kept free of fat and carb. Chicken salad with pineapple is a bit different with rich protein content and a small amount of fat. Chicken and mayonnaise enhance the taste of the healthy foods recipe as a side with another main course. Pineapple plays an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory role.

Chicken with bell peppers

Chicken with bell pepper is one of the most favorite healthy chicken recipe. This is very good as a diabetes recipe and keto recipe.

Chicken with bell peppers
Baked Chicken with bell peppers

Low-fat chicken recipes

Chicken as a low-fat meat can be the best meat ingredient for different low-fat recipes. Here two different chicken recipes are discussed, which are not only low fat but also healthy recipes for those are cautious about calories. These can be served as main meals for diabetes and heart disease patients.

Soup Recipes

Cilantro soup recipes

Cilantros also was known as coriander leaves or Chinese parsley are small leafy plants, the whole body of which is edible. These small plants are the rich source of dietary fiber and almost all types of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Two variants of cilantro soups as healthy foods recipes are discussed in Sultana’s recipe.

Rice recipes

Lemon rice or lemon pulao

Your brain needs some carbohydrate and fat side by side other keto type or low fat items. That’s why rice with lemon or spinach gives you a balance between carb and other healthy nutrients. Rice gives energy to your body at the same time spinach provides dietary fiber, calcium, protein and useful vitamins.

Lemon rice recipe
Lemon rice or lemon pulao

Read more for Spinach Rice, Carrot Rice

Healthy Vegetables Recipes

Okra recipes

Okra or lady finger with low calories and high dietary fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium and potassium is believed to be a diabetic friendly vegetable. Water soaked with okra pieces are believed reduce blood sugar for diabetes. It is a very healthy food and here you will find two different recipes of okra vegetable.

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