Best Spices for Weight Loss | That Helps for Your Weight Loss Process

Spices for Weight Loss
Spices for Weight Loss

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These days, a lot of people are more focused on their health, diet, and being at the prime of life. There are so many things that will aid with health and losing weight such as vitamins, minerals, and supplements. But as much as possible, it is not recommended to intake such vitamins, because it might have a negative effect on the body. Read the article and know about the 7 best herbs and spices for weight loss.

Losing weight has become a trend in this generation because looking good will give you more confidence. It is important that you feel happy and confident in your own body so that you will radiate positivity to other people.

Also, switching to a healthier diet will not have any negative outcomes. You will only help yourself become more healthy and strong, and you will soon find yourself happier and living a fuller life with all the opportunities ahead of you.

In order to have a healthy diet and an effective weight loss plan, there are a lot of all-natural remedies you can use. It is important to cut your intake of sugar, carbs, sodium, and junk foods.

You should start eating healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. Herbs and spices are the best way to put flavor into the food that we eat, but did you know that you can also use those herbs and spices for weight loss? 

Adding some spice and herbs to your diet will not only help your body go through a healthier lifestyle, but it will also help the environment. It is time to enjoy the benefits of a natural diet, no more of those chemicals and supplements you take in the hopes that it will improve your body and change for the better.

Here are some of the best herbs and spices that you can buy from Moolihai, which is the online pharmacy for traditional herbs and spices that are rarely available in local stores.

7 Best Herbs and Spices for Weight Loss



Turmeric is one of the most famous spices in the world. Known for its spicy flavor and vibrant color that brings any dish to life. Research shows that turmeric can have a large part in weight loss. It has the ability to suppress and prevent inflammatory factors that have a huge part in obesity. Those inflammatory factors are responsible for gaining excess weight in the human body.

There has been research conducted in laboratory animals, and it shows that turmeric has a certain compound that promotes and helps weight loss. It reduces the growth of fat tissue and enhances the effectiveness of hormones.

Another research was conducted on a group of people who are struggling with weight loss for a long time. Upon taking turmeric twice a day for a month, there has been a significant and very visible reduction in their weight and body mass.

Not only will it aid weight loss, but it also reduces the waist circumference of the human body, making them appear thinner. Aside from weight loss, turmeric also increases hormones that regulate metabolism.

All in all, turmeric’s inflammatory and antioxidant capacity has a huge role in weight loss. It is all-natural and can aid other health issues.


Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is the type of spice that is so spicy, it is commonly used in sauces and added to dishes. It has a lot of benefits to health and it is also one of the most effective ingredients in weight loss. It can speed up the metabolism, burn calories, and curb the appetite.

Cayenne pepper has a certain component called capsaicin. Capsaicin is found in almost all types of peppers. It contains a certain thermogenic chemical that aids with metabolism and appetite.

Some of the benefits of Cayenne Pepper includes:

Increased Metabolism – It is shown that about half an hour after intake of cayenne pepper will immediately increase your metabolism. The metabolic rate gives your body the ability to rapidly convert all the food intake into positive energy and not fat.

Limited Cravings– Upon taking cayenne pepper, you will immediately feel full and will therefore have fewer cravings. Adding cayenne pepper to your diet will help suppress your diet and daily intake of unhealthy food such as sodium and fat. This will lead to further weight loss.

Burning Caloriesbecause of its spicy compound is said to help burn a lot of calories. Eating spicy food will result in higher body temperature. Which will then cause your body to go in cooldown mode, and as a result, will burn more calories.It is such a great advantage if you are into spicy food and herbs because consuming spicy food will really help in losing weight.



Oregano is an herb that has a lot of health benefits. It belongs to the mint family like rosemary, basil, and many more. It also contains a major compound that aids weight loss, which is called carvacrol. Researchers show that even those who have a high-fat diet, when given oregano leaves, can still prevent gaining weight.

Although research has been conducted on lab animals, research involving actual humans is very limited. Still subject to further investigation, oregano is still proving itself as a major herb that will help people lose weight.

Oregano can be used as an essential oil, or even as an extract that you can drink or add to your dishes. Using fresh oregano will bring more health benefits to your dish. You can use it to add flavor to the dishes, or you can directly drink it in a capsule. There are a lot of oregano capsules in the market, which will provide you with easier access to the herb.



Cinnamon is one of the major spices for weight loss that can really help you and have a good body. Its flavorful bitter-sweet taste will help you avoid other food that will make you gain weight. You can intake cinnamon through making tea, or even the powder itself.

It is full of compounds that will surely help you achieve your body goal, and it will not feel like such a hassle to take. It has a lot of medicinal benefits, and the very major one of it, is that it reduces fats from producing.

As mentioned earlier, you can make a cup of cinnamon tea and add it to your diet on a daily basis. Its bitter-sweet taste can help a faster metabolism, maintain blood sugar level, and improve insulin level. All of those factors will help you lose weight eventually.

Although cinnamon can greatly help you in losing weight, you must also complement it with daily exercise and a healthy diet. It is very important that you don’t rely on one factor alone.


Spices for weight loss Ginseng

Ginseng is the type of plant with a lot of health benefits and is considered the best herbal aid in traditional Chinese medical practices. It is categorized into a variety of types like Chinese, American, Korean, and many more. But no matter the differences, ginseng is always ginseng, and it still has a lot of health benefits.

It is considered one of the most powerful plants that can definitely aid weight loss. If you take ginseng twice daily for two months, you will see significant changes in your body. Consistency in taking this herb will lead you to a more favorable result. 

Research shows that ginseng can really fight obesity and the components of gaining weight by altering the formation of fats in the body and delaying the absorption of fat in the intestines. It is proven by Chinese doctors that ginseng can delay and modify fat formation.

Ginseng can be consumed in many ways. You can eat it as it is, boils it down to be more soft and easy to eat, or you can make tea. It can also be added to a variety of dishes such as soup, vegetables, and stir-fry dishes. Aside from that, there are also some ways you can consume this herb. There are capsules, tablets, and even oils.


Black Pepper
Black Pepper

Black pepper is a spice that originated in India. It is known for its spicy flavor and is mostly found on savory Indian dishes. It is used in different types of curries and vegetables. It has a very powerful smell and taste that will surely add flavor to any food you are eating.

This type of spice is rich in vitamins and minerals that aid with losing weight. But aside from its delicious benefits, and healthy compounds, black pepper can also be used in losing weight, it is an excellent fat burner because it contains piperine.

Piperine helps enhance the metabolic capabilities of the body, and as a result, will prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. It also promotes the concentration of healthy cholesterol.

Because of the above-mentioned factors, black pepper is proven to speed up the metabolism of the body and burn more calories quickly. It is a known fact that adding spice or spicy food to your diet will help level up your weight loss capabilities.

Just adding 1-2 teaspoons of black pepper to your food every day will result in massive weight loss. You can also make black pepper tea so that you can consume it in its fresher form.


Weight loss

Garlic is one of the most famous spices we use in the kitchen. It originated in India, made its way all over the world, and is now an utmost necessity in every meal. Garlic adds savory flavor to the dishes and adds color to everything you put on. But did you know that garlic also has compounds that will help the consumer lose weight? 

Garlic is the best ingredient you can use to lose weight. It complements daily exercise with a healthy and balanced diet. Garlic has a big role in boosting energy levels in the human body.

When your energy is boosted, it will most likely result in burning calories. And since it is considered as a filler for the appetite, it will leave you feeling fuller than usual, which will result in less intake of other food.

Studies have shown that the compounds found in garlic can really be used to stimulate or kick start the fat-burning process in the body. You can consume garlic by adding it to your dishes or as a topping to your favorite savory dish.

You can also eat raw garlic and follow it with a glass of water first thing in the morning. This will really help your body have energy before you start your day.

If you want to flavor things up, you can add lemon juice to your garlic, add warm water, and there you have your magic weight-loss partner. It is important to combine equally important ingredients for better results.

Aside from its weight loss benefits, garlic can also be used in detoxifying the body. It helps reduce toxins from the body, so not only are you using garlic spices for weight loss, but you are also radiating with energy and a natural glow.


There are a lot of ways to lose weight, you can exercise and be active. But more important than that is a healthy diet. Trying out all the herbs and spices listed in this article will help you achieve your goals with your body.

Now that you know the health and weight loss benefits of the best herbs and spices there is, it is now your responsibility to take care of your body and make sure that it is getting all the nutrients required for it to consume.

But don’t forget to consult your doctor or nutritionist so that you will be aware of all the side effects of those herbs and spices if there are any.

It is an absolute necessity to make sure that the diet you are about to do is going to be best for you. Be mindful of your limitations and don’t forget to put your health first in everything you do. 

Do not rush into the diet, and do it one step at a time. And last, don’t forget regular exercise to complement the healthy diet you are about to do.

I hope the article’s spices for weight loss will be helpful to everyone. Check this if you want to know more food that is perfect for weight loss.

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