Dessert parfait recipe | The best cheesecake parfait ever

Dessert parfait recipe
Cheesecake parfait

Recipe by Shahinoor Akter

Shahinoor loves to cook and always tries to prepare a new recipe for her guest. Her friends and family always appreciate her art of cooking and presentation. Recently she participated in a cooking competition and her “Cheesecake parfait” won the first prize. Here is her the Dessert Parfait Recipe for my beloved friends. Hope you will realize why Shahinoor’s dessert won the first prize.


Preparation time 15 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes
Total time 30 minutes
Servings 4



Dessert parfait recipe

Cheesecake parfait is a French dessert. It is very delicious and easy to make.

Dessert parfait recipe
Cheesecake parfait

Ingredients for dessert parfait recipe

½ cup Cream cheese

1 cup Whipped cream

1 tbsp Icing sugar

½ cup Crackers biscuit

1 cup Mixed fruit (Grapes, cherry, thin slices of malta/mango)

Process for dessert parfait recipe

Step 1

Fruits are the main decorative part of this recipe. So, try to make a combination of different colored fresh fruits. Some grapes and Red cherry can be kept unsliced for top decoration. Other grapes, cherry, mango/malta and are to be sliced to small pieces. You can use a blue/blackberry and strawberry for the layer of decoration. You can add any kind of fruits.

Mango slice
Green grape slice
Strawberry slice

Step 2

Put marrie biscuits or any crackers in a blender and blend it for 1 minute or until crushed well. Keep the cracker’s crumb aside.

Dessert parfait recipe
Cracker crumb

Step 3

Put cheese cream in a deep bowl and add icing sugar to the cheese cream. Beat until the sugar mixed gently with the cream. For beating, you can use an egg beater.

Dessert parfait recipe
Cream Cheese

Step 4

Add whipped cream to the cheese cream. Fold it gently whipped cream and cheese cream.
Note: You can find the instruction for making whipped cream in its packet.

Step 5

Take a small glass or bowl. Put the cream mixture into a cone. Put the first layer of cream in the serving glass or bowl. Then put fruit and after that put cream mixture. Spread cracker’s crumb layer top of the cream layer. keep them in the refrigerator for the whole night. Before serve decorate with fresh fruit and serve it to your beloved one.


I love to cook and like share my delicious food recipes with my beloved friends. If you like “Shahinoor’s  Dessert Parfait Recipe please share the recipe with your family and friends.

*Happy Cooking*