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A balanced diet is an extreme need for the human body. It’s a structure of eating food in a proper way that gives your body proper nutrition and supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals.  Your body needs all the nutrients from various foods. By following a balanced diet, you can get the nutrients in adequate proportion and achieve a healthy life. Balanced diet actually is a better combination of five food groups. To maintain good health and for remaining active you must have a certain portion of all the food groups. It helps you determine the food and the food quantity for your better health.

It prescribes the five food groups in the right proportion in your daily meal. From this, you will get your necessary energy and nutrients.

What is a balanced diet
Balanced Diet

The five food groups for a balanced diet:


Some people think that carbohydrate is harmful to our body. But that is not true. Carbohydrate is the source of our energy. You must put the food that contains carbohydrate in your daily meal. But it should be in a certain quantity. Excessive carbohydrate is really harmful to our body. You need minimum 130grams of carbohydrate per day. You should have this portion spreading throughout the day by eating every meal.

You can get carbohydrates from starchy food like rice, pasta, potato, noodles, bread, barley etc.

You can check from here different types of Carbohydrate Recipe.


Protein is the most important component of the body cell.  Your body needs a large amount of protein whereas other nutrients like vitamins and minerals is needed in small quantity. Protein is a very important building block of body parts (bones, skin, muscles, blood). Protein plays a very important role in building and repairing your tissue system. So for a balanced diet, you must have a lot of protein in your meal.

Meat, fish, egg, chicken, nuts, peas, beans, soya etc are the source of protein.

For a balanced diet, with the carbohydrate, you should keep a lot of protein in your meal.

Grab your protein recipe:

Boiled Chicken
Chicken recipe

Milk and dairy products

Milk or dairy products are very essential for your health. This group provides calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A and, Vitamin D. Our teeth and bones are dependent on milk and dairy products.
You should have three servings of milk or dairy product per day.

We can take milk,  yogurt, milkshake, custard, both hard and soft cheese and any kind of food made up of milk to gain the nutrients of this group.

Find here good sources of milk and dairy products.

Banana Milkshake
Milk recipe

Fruits and vegetables:

For a healthy body and a healthy immune system, you need a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and minerals we need. We get the antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that protect our body. These contain fiber that means to your body a lot. Moreover, fruits and vegetables contain low calories that help you t control the weight. Fruits and vegetables help to protect the body from various diseases.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables will ensure a healthy diet. It’s better to have a half plate of fruits and vegetable in your every meal. At least five portions of fruits and vegetables are needed a day.

Apple, orange, bananas, grapes, berries, etc all the kind of fruits and vegetables of different colors will enrich you with many nutrients.

Hormones Balanced diet

Find your Weight Watchers recipe.

Fats and sugar:

Fats and sugar are necessary for our health, but in a very small portion. Much fat and sugar are harmful to your body. You may have them, but you must be concerned about its quantity. Many harmful diseases may be formed of having a lot of fat and sugar.

Cooking oil, Chocolate, margarine, cream, butter, cakes, puddings, soft drinks, crisps, jam, biscuits etc contains fats and sugar. Junk food also contains a harmful level of fats.

Final Words for Balanced Diet

So, for a balanced diet, you should set up your meals keeping these food groups in your mind. You must keep all kinds of food in certain proportion. For attaining a healthy life you must avoid junk food and should leave the bad habits like smoking and drinking. By following a balanced diet, you will be able to get a healthy long life.

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