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Nigella seeds are known as black seeds or black cumin or Kalijira. Its scientific name is Nigella sativa. Usually, we use black cumin as a condiment to food for scent.
For more than two thousand years people have been taking ‘nigella seeds’ with food. Nigella oil is also beneficial for our body in many ways. Moreover, it has more than 100 useful ingredients. It contains about 21 percent protein, 38 percent of sugar and 35 percent of herbal oil and fat. Nigella seeds health benefits are uncountable. Here are 17 Nigella seeds health benefits and uses for you.

“There is healing in Nigella seeds for all diseases except death.” said by Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Let’s know what are the nigella sativa health benefits and medicinal qualities for us in this black cumin.

Nigella seeds benefits and uses

Kalonji seeds benefits
  • Control Diabetes: Mix kalijira powder and pomegranate’s skin powder with nigella oil and use for controlling diabetes. This is very useful for diabetes.
  • Prevent heart disease and fat loss: Mix nigella with tea or mix nigella oil with arak and drink it regularly, it is as good as heart disease and losing fat.
  • Remove Headache: It is beneficial to massage nigella oil on the forehead, both sides of the chin and at the sides of the ear for headache.
  • Remove neurological tension: Neurological tension is going out by drinking coffee with Nigella.
  • Toothache Relief: If you have pain in your teeth, you will get relief in lukewarm water with nigella; Tongue, palate, dental germs die by using nigella.
  • Remove worms: Nigella works to remove worms.

Some awesome black seeds health benefits and uses

  • Mix nigella oil or paste with sesame oil and apply the mixer on blotch, the blotch is relieved. The black cumin helps in the treatment of chest, diarrhea, body ache, throat and toothache, migraine, hair fall, flux, cough, asthma. Nigella plays a supporting role as a cancer preventer.
  • Black seeds are useful in protecting hair fall, insomnia, headache, protecting face and beauty, fatigue-weakness, inactivity and laziness, dietary appetite, brain power, and increasing memory power. Nigella is very helpful friends to overcome pain, fever, and cough. It has a growing element. Allergies in the stomach, eliminating germs and gases increases appetite.
  • Nigella has antimicrobial agents, the body’s disease-germicidal material. For this ingredient- the body is not easily injured, boils, affected by infectious diseases.
  • After giving childbirth, eating raw nigella paste increases mother’s milk.
  • Eat nigella seeds with honey everyday morning, it is very good for health and it protect every disease from the epidemic. Black cumin works for the development of merit at a double rate. Nigella itself is an antibiotic or antiseptic.
  • Works for cut repair.
  • Kalijira paste is beneficial in women’s menstrual problems.
  • Black cumin is very good for urine growth.
  • Black seed is the most sophisticated drug for patients with sexually transmitted diseases and neurological weakness.
black seeds benefits
Black seeds benefits

I hope the article of the nigella seeds health benefits make you inspired. You will eat black seed oil and seeds for a healthy life. If you like my nigella seeds health benefits article, please share this with your family and friends. I always take this and get an excellent result. Stay healthy and wealthy life.

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