Diabetic Meal Recipes Can Lead You to a Better & Healthy Life

Diabetic recipes for Breakfast
Diabetics Meal Recipes

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It’s unfortunate that so many people all over the world, even around us, are suffering from diabetes. And, the number is more than 30 million only in the USA and globally it’s huge. It occurs when the insulin amount is an imbalanced condition in your body either insulin is not being produced enough or your body can’t absorb the required insulin. Diabetes can occur genetically or due to fitness & overweight. To keep your body fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle diabetic meal recipes could help you a lot.

Diabetic meal recipes
Diabetic Meal Recipe

Causes of Diabetes

The main element that causes diabetes is insulin. Insulin is nothing but a hormone created by the pancreas that consumes glucose from food and pushes to your cells to create energy. If your body is unable to create insulin or use insulin properly, that is called to have diabetes. According to insulin creation, diabetes is two types, Type 1 diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is, your body is unable to make insulin. It is generally diagnosed in children and young or mid-aged people. The only cure to fight type 1 diabetes is to take insulin every day.

Types of Diabetes

If your body can not make or use insulin properly, then it diagnosed is as type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is found in any person of any age. Type 2 is the most diabetes among people. There are other types of diabetes also being diagnosed among people like Gestational diabetes, Monogenic diabetes, Cystic fibrosis diabetes, etc. 

How Diabetes Affects Human Body?

Diabetes creates numerous health problems like Heart disease, Kidney disease, Eye disease, dental problems, nerve problems, and many others. It can be said diabetes is the mother of other diseases. Diabetes cannot be fully cured but by leading a healthy lifestyle and healthy food chart of diabetes meal recipes, it can be controlled and get you out of dangerous diseases.

A proper guideline of your physician is needed to create type 1 or type 2 diabetes food charts to keep your diabetes balanced. The best way to maintain diabetes is to make a type 1 or type 2 diabetes food chart and print and keep them in front of your eyes to follow it properly with easy recipes for diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan

In short, only complex carbohydrates are feasible for health for any kind of diabetic patient. A simple version of carbohydrate or processed carbohydrates is not recommended. Rice, sugar, and any kind of sweets are simple and processed carbohydrates.

Type 2 Diabetes Food Chart
Diabetes Food Chart

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

Managing diabetes is all about maintaining a healthy diet in every meal. A diabetic patient needs to eat something sustainable that helps you feel better. In a healthy meal chart for diabetics patients, there are many ingredients to work with. As carbohydrates are not recommended to a diabetic patient, so a healthy diabetic meal recipe for a diabetic patient should contain high nutrition and minerals with low carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

A simple meal plan could be like this

Diabetic Meal Recipes for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for a person among the whole day meal, so breakfast should be balanced, healthy well as tasty. Easy recipes for diabetes patients in breakfast should contain bread or roti, cereal, egg, vegetables, and tea or coffee. The amount is very important for a type 2 diabetes patient’s food chart. Whole wheat bread or roti 1-2 pieces, cereal not more than 28 grams, and egg must be without the yolk. Sugar is completely prohibited for any diabetic patient, so tea or coffee should be taken without sugar. But green vegetables are good for diabetic patients. Leafy green vegetables are extremely good for type 2 diabetic patients. A type 2 diabetes food chart must include as much as possible green leafy vegetables.

Easy Recipes For Diabetes
Diabetics Breakfast

Diabetic Recipes for Snacks

Some snacks used to be taken in the middle of breakfast and lunch. In snacks 1, a medium-sized fruit and 1 cup of leafy vegetables are included in the type 2 diabetes food chart.

Diabetic meal recipes
Diabetic snacks

In the evening snacks food chart, 1 or 2 cups of puffed rice with milk or sugar-free yogurt are included for a healthy diet plan. Fruit can also be added to this evening snack meal.

Diabetic Recipes for Lunch

A perfect diabetes lunch meal includes low carbohydrates, fiber-rich foods, fish, and good fats. Among carbohydrates, half or one cup of brown rice or oats or roti is suitable for lunch. With this, one cup of green leafy vegetables, 2 slice of fish or meat is addable. A small portion of vegetable soup or dal could be added for a perfect easy recipe for lunch for diabetes patients.

Fish rice recipe
Diabetic Lunch

Diabetic Meal Recipes for Dinner

As dinner is the last meal of the day and a long time has to be passed without foods, so dinner should be naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories, and balanced. Key elements are vegetables and whole grains. Diabetic recipes for dinner should include whole wheat bread or roti, green vegetables, fish or meat, and one cup of milk. Green vegetables can be taken as much as liked, but fish or meat should be limited to two slices. One glass of milk in the last could make it more energetic and prepares one for the next day.

Diabetic Dinner

A healthy meal plan keeps your blood glucose level controlled and prevents diabetes complications. The above is a very basic type 2 diabetes food chart. To keep your diabetes under control, you should consult your doctor and make the best meal plan by maintaining diabetes meal recipes and regular blood sugar monitoring. This would better works for you.

Final Words

Among all types of diabetes, type 2 is very critical and non-curable. The Only thing we can follow is a healthy lifestyle that can control our blood sugar level and avoid diabetic effects. Considering the surrounding environment it’s difficult to have sugar-free foods. So, diabetic meal recipes could help you out so that you can have balanced and healthy meals and save you from diabetic health damages.

By Ismail Hossain