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Measurement tips
Kitchen Measurement Tools

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Abbreviations of Units for Recipes and Food Measurement

For all of us who have a knack of following recipes in any international standard books, journals or websites, we need to know the short forms of measurement units and other cooking or preservation quantum. These are quite short and simple forms of words used for measurement. But if you are not oriented with these abbreviated forms of units, at times you may find it difficult to follow your favorite recipe of dietary instructions. Here are some measurement tips which are important.

In most cases, ingredients of food recipes are measured by teaspoon, tablespoon, or cups instead of other units of measurement. There are also standard sizes of the measurement tools. However, for larger quantities, grams/kilograms, ounces, pounds, pint, quarts, etc are also used as the measurement unit. Let us see how these are shown in short form and how they relate to each other.

t = teaspoon

T = tablespoon

C = cup

Oz= ounce

L = litre

  1. Oz = fluid ounce

lb= pound

g= gram

pt= pint

qt= quart

ml= milliliter

F = Fahrenheit

C = Celsius

measurement Scale
Measuring Scale

Equivalents to Common Household Measures

1 pinch= 1/8 t

3t= 1T

16T= 1C

8 oz= 1C

2c= 1 pint= 500ml (American)

1 gill= 5 oz

Cup measurement
Cup set
measurement spoon
Spoon Set

Equivalent liquid Measures

measurement jar

4 quart or 1 gallon= 3.8 L

1 litter= 1000 ml

1 quart or 4 cups= 0.946 L

3 cups= 700 ml

2 cups= 475 ml

1 cup= 226.5 ml

¾ cup= 180 ml

2/3 cup= 160 ml

½ cup= 120 ml

1/3 cup= 80 ml

¼ cup= 60 ml

1 fl. oz or 1/8 cup= 28.35 ml (approx. 30 ml)

1 T or ½ fl oz= 14.8 ml (about 15 ml)

1t= 5 ml

Weight Equivalents

1 kg= 2.2 pounds= 1000 g

453.6 g (approx. 450 g) = 1 lb

28.35 g (approx. 30 g) = 1 oz

Ingredients1 cup½ cup
All-purpose flour120 gm60 gm
Rice(uncooked)200 gm100 gm
Sugar200gm100 gm
Sugar(powdered)120 gm60 gm
Lentils200 gm100 gm
Butter240 gm120 gm
Macaroni140 gm70 gm
Salt300 gm150 gm
Cheese(grated)90 gm45 gm
Vegetables(chopped)150 gm75 gm
Egg(large)200 gm100 gm
Oil237 ml116 ml
Peas144 gm72 gm

Measuring Tip: Oven Temperatures

(To convert degree F to degree C: Subtract 32, multiply by 5, and divide by 9

To convert degree C to degree F: multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32)

1) Very slow 225-250° F (110° C)

2) Slow 275° F (135° C)

3) Warm 300-325° F (160° C)

4) Moderately hot 375-400° F (200° C)

5) Moderate hot 350° F (175° C)

6) Hot 425° F (220° C)

7) Very hot 450-475° F (240° C)

Broiling 500° F (260° C)

Frying temperature 325-375° F (175° C)


Measurement tips: Cake tin size

cake tin
Cake Mold

I hope these measurement tips will help you a lot in your daily life. It will help with buying kitchen items. If you like my article, please share the post with your family and friends.

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