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In these days you must-have kitchen appliance like a refrigerator, microwave oven, blender, cooker, etc. in your house. Without these kitchen appliances, it is hard to live your family’s lives. As in our busy lives, we want to save our time, so we would like to spend less time in our kitchen. Just think about 100 years ago. There were no electricity and no electric kitchen appliance. Our ancestors used to spend more time cooking.

After the invention of electricity and electric appliances, everything changed quickly. There are also some kitchen appliances, which do not need electricity. Having these appliances at home people can go outside for earning money instead of spending much time in the kitchen. These kitchen appliances made our life easy and smooth.

List of must-have kitchen appliance

Here I am going to describe some must have kitchen appliance in our homes. Those are:

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Blender
  3. Deep freezer
  4. Microwave oven
  5. Electric oven
  6. Deep fryer
  7. Toaster
  8. Electric Kettle
  9. Air fryer
  10. Waffle maker
  11. Weighing machine
  12. Spatula
  13. Pastry brush
  14. Rice cooker
  15. Salad cutter
  16. Chopper
  17. Electric egg beater
  18. Mortar pestle
  19. Pepper crusher
  20. Induction oven
  21. Egg separator

Description about must-have kitchen appliance

  1. Refrigerator

Refrigerator is such a useful must have kitchen appliance, without which we can’t think of starting our family life. I would like to share the story of beginning our family life. 25 years ago, when we have first started our family life, we felt a refrigerator so essential for our new family. At that time we didn’t have enough money to buy a refrigerator. So we took loan from bank and bought a refrigerator .It was our first kitchen appliance. I think everyone will agree with me that refrigerator is the most important kitchen appliance in our busy life. If your refrigerator starts to trouble you’d feel the difficulty of passing a day without it. Thus, it is important to buy a good quality refrigerator because it is very essential appliance for your home and kitchen.

  1. Blender

Blender is a small kitchen appliance, but it is very essential for our kitchen. This is not much more expensive. If you have a multipurpose blender you can make juice, paste, and grind with it. Some blender also has meat grinder mincing machine. So if you buy one blender with more function, it will solve your many problems. My second kitchen appliance was a Moulinex 3 pieces blender. This blender served me for a long time. Now I bought a Magic bullet blender. I love it for its good performance.

  1. Deep freezer

As your family gets bigger, you will need a deep freezer. It becomes essential as we don’t have time to market every day. So we usually buy more fish and meat at a time and freeze it in the deep freezer.

You can also store some vegetable and fruits in the deep freezer. Some veggies and fruits are not available in whole season. When you have to wait for the next season for your favorite vegetable and fruits, you can make use of your deep freezer to store seasonal vegetable and fruits.

  1. Microwave oven

You want to make an egg poached and prepare a cup of tea at your breakfast, but you have only 5 minutes time. Don’t worry! A microwave oven can make a cup of tea and an egg poached for you only in two minutes. Likewise, a microwave oven is essential for many purposes in your busy life. It can heat food faster than any cooker. Microwave can cook quickly and healthy food.

You must have kitchen appliance like a microwave oven. We can’t imagine a faster kitchen work without a microwave oven in our regular life.

  1. Electric oven

You want to bake bread or make cake, cookies, pizza or grill a chicken? You must have a kitchen appliance and it is an electric oven. Without an electric oven, you can’t really cook these foods properly at your home. So, an electric oven is a very useful item in your kitchen.

  1. Air fryer

Now a day, people are becoming fond of healthy food. Air fryer is the best option for frying or cooking healthy foods. It consumes less oil and makes your fried food delicious.

  1. Deep fryer

This is another electric appliance for perfection in frying. If you want your foods crispy fried, there is no alternative to a deep fryer. A deep fryer will allow your meat, chicken, fish items properly fried or make a good quality French fries or any other potato or vegetable fries. The process is also very easy. You just need to put the right amount of cooking oil and select the temperature and let it fry for 3-4 minutes. Your food will be ready perfectly within this time, while you can do another work.

I love this for frying.

  1. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can boil your water in just one minute. You don’t need to go to the kitchen in the extremely cold night to heat water. An electric kettle is very convenient to use.

  1. Toaster

Do you like crispy bread? Then toaster is the best choice for your right kind of crispy bread.

  1. Chopper

Are you afraid to cut the onion? A chopper will help you for chopping onion. It can chop two cups of onion just in one minute.

  1. Egg separator

If you want to separate the egg yolk from white then use the egg separator. It is easy to separate the egg yolk from the white.

  1. Electric egg beater

An egg beater is essential for making party cakes. If you have a passion for making the cake at home, an egg bitter is a must have kitchen appliance for you.

  1. Salad cutter

Salad cutter helps to cut the vegetables very easily and in different shapes. It is very cheap but useful kitchen appliance.

  1. Vegetable Grater

It helps to grate the vegetable in different shapes.

  1. Pepper crusher

We can easily crush the pepper by the pepper crusher. It brings a fresh smell of pepper.

  1. Waffle Maker

Waffle is a favorite continental breakfast for most people. Now you can make it easily at home if you have the waffle maker.

  1. Rice cooker

Rice cooker makes our life comfortable and easy. Put rice, water and switch on then go outside. Your rice will be ready and it will go to keep option. So you will get hot rice when you return home. It is really a nice kitchen appliance.

  1. Induction oven

Nowadays induction oven is a great invention. Without any flame, you can cook anything. Day by day induction oven is becoming very popular kitchen appliance.

19. Kitchen Cooking Utensils

There are many cooking utensils are available in the local market. But if you have a set you will get many items at a time. In a set, you are getting a bottle opener, pizza cutter, potato peeler, grater, measuring cup, etc. So I think this is very important for our kitchen.

Maybe I forgot to include other must-have kitchen appliance. Check here some other products.

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