4 Types of Specialty Coffee Drinks to Try This Year

specialty coffee drinks

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Coffee is one of the most consumed (and loved) beverages in the world, with individuals of all ages sipping their favorite preparations throughout the day. One of the best things about coffee is that it can be made in so many different variations, giving you an abundance of choices for how to consume it. To help you decide what to make next, read on for the four types of specialty coffee drinks you need to try this year.

1. Black Coffees

A classic option for your day-to-day beverage, plain coffee doesn’t have to be boring as long as you are using high-quality beans. To make great-tasting coffee, ensure you are storing your beans properly and are using quality filters that decrease the bitterness. To achieve a full-bodied taste, use a manual dripper and slowly pour the hot water onto the coffee grounds in a circular motion.

Specialty Coffee

Espresso is prepared differently from regular plain coffee as near-boiling water is pressurized and shot through the finely ground coffee beans, which results in a complex and aromatic beverage. While espresso is a base for a variety of other drinks, you can also opt to enjoy one or two shots on their own for a quick caffeine jolt. Alternatively, combine your espresso shots with hot water to make an Americano.

Coffee Drinks

In addition to these basic (yet delicious) black coffees, you can also opt to make a Turkish coffee or a Café Cubano. Turkish Coffee has a unique taste, body, and aroma as the coffee grounds are much finer than regular coffee and are combined with cold, filtered water and sugar. Café Cubanos have espresso as a base that is made with dark roasted coffee beans and numerous teaspoons of sugar.

2. Milk-Based Coffees

Café Lattes are some of the most popular milk-based coffee drinks around. These beverages are made with one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk, and a small amount of frothed milk on top. The Cappuccino is a traditional Italian coffee beverage that uses the same three ingredients as the Café Latte but has an even distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. To create the thick froth that a cappuccino requires, baristas often use a milk steamer.


The French equivalent is a Café au Lait (“coffee with milk”) which is half brewed coffee and half warm milk. To prepare the specialty coffee drinks at home, you want to ensure you are using very strong coffee and creamy milk, as well as a small amount of ground chicory.

In Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, many individuals prefer to consume a Cortado which consists of espresso and a small amount of warm milk. These drinks are smaller than your standard latte, and a little cooler, making them ideal for times when you need a little pick-me-up or can’t choose between having an iced or a hot coffee.

Alternatively, if your palette is craving something sweeter, you may want to opt for a Caramel Macchiato. This refreshing and delicious beverage incorporates vanilla syrup and caramel sauce, along with espresso and milk. These can be made with either two shots of espresso or strongly brewed coffee.

3. Iced Coffees

When the weather is warm, there is nothing better than a refreshing iced coffee drink. While your go-to may be an Iced Americano (a double shot of espresso poured over a glass full of ice), there is a variety of other specialty coffee drinks Iced coffees that you should try. An Iced Latte is a popular option; here, the milky caffe latte is poured on top of a tall glass of ice, and the foam remains on top.

Iced Coffee

For individuals who enjoy strong beverages with low acidity, Cold Brews are a fantastic choice. To prepare this drink, the ground coffee and cold water are steeped for a minimum of 24 hours.

Over the past couple of years, Nitro Coffees have become a significant trend thanks to their delicious, bubbly taste resulting from the nitrogen that is infused into the coffee. This type of caffeinated beverage is served “on tap,” similar to a draft beer. Japanese Iced Coffee is a delicious pour-over coffee alternative where half of the water is replaced with ice cubes.

For those who enjoy the rush of espresso, an Espresso Tonic consists of an espresso shot and tonic water that is served over ice and frequently garnished with rosemary or lemon.

4. Dessert Coffees

Dessert coffees are popular with individuals around the world who enjoy sipping on a caffeinated beverage after a meal. These indulgent creations can also be savored as a treat throughout the day. This particular category of coffee drinks is different from others, as they usually have a more generous amount of sugar, cream, syrups, and flavorings.


An Affogato is undoubtedly a blend between a beverage and a dessert as it involves both espresso and gelato. Originating from Milan, the Affogato utilizes the hot, bitter espresso to melt the gelato, resulting in a delicious and creamy drink. If you are looking to make one at home, make sure you are using an ounce of espresso for each gelato scoop.

If you are looking for a boozy caffeinated drink, Irish Coffee is the way to go. This beverage entails stirring hot coffee, sugar, and Irish whiskey together before adding whipped pouring cream to the top. A non-alcoholic option (and a variant of the Café Latte) is the Café Mocha which has layers of chocolate, espresso, milk, and whipped cream. This is an excellent dessert coffee or treats on a winter’s day. 

Coffee Beans

Finally, a Frappuccino is a decadent option for all ages with its layers of ice, espresso, milk with sugar, syrup, and whipped cream. To make one of these at home, you want to brew fresh, ground coffee beans, wait for them to cool to room temperature, and then add it and all the other ingredients into a blender with ice.

No matter what coffee beverages you are planning to make for yourself and your loved ones, the key is to use high-quality coffee beans, such as those from Three Coffee Dubai.

What style of coffee do you usually like to drink? Which ones from this list are you excited to try this year? Which ones from this list are you excited to try this year? Let us know your thoughts about specialty coffee drinks and any additional insights.

Written By Drew Dennehy

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