How Meal Replacement Shakes Help in Weight Loss

Meal Replacement shakes-

Last Updated on September 2, 2021 by Sultana Parvin

Losing weight is a daunting undertaking. One of the best methods to achieve the aforementioned scenario is through dieting. You should take control of your calorie intake if you wish to cut significant amounts of weight. But it is not always easier to formulate a diet plan and to stick to it. In such times, meal replacement shakes can really come in handy.

There is a wide range of these products in the market that you can use to substitute them for a meal. This guide sheds exclusive insights on meal replacement shakes and their benefits.

Weight loss Basics

To lose weight, the number of calories consumed should be less than the ones burned during metabolism. Studies show a deficit of 500 calories in the body is enough for the weight loss process to occur. However, in order to control calories in the body, you should have an understanding of where they are coming from and how they are being used.

The number of calories consumed by each individual varies and it’s calculated by getting the sum of basal metabolism and physical activities you undertake in a day. Basal metabolism refers to calories burnt when your body is at a resting state.

By getting the sum, you understand the amount of energy your body requires to maintain its weight. However, since your primary objective is to cut weight, then you should stick to a diet plan that provides fewer calories.

For the body to compensate for the deficit, it will start breaking down fat stored in the body, thereby, you achieve your weight loss objective.

Meal Replacement Shakes Versus Protein Shakes

Some people use the words meal replacement shake and protein shake interchangeably. That’s wrong. What makes the two products different is their nutritional composition.

Protein shakes are supplements designed to improve sports performance and boost muscle growth. These products cannot be used to replace a meal. On the other hand, a meal replacement shake entails a balanced nutritional formula tailored for weight control.

Meal replacement shakes integrate low sugar, carbs, and fats. When consumed they reduce calorie intake while providing essential nutrients. However, the two products can be used together as they serve different purposes.

Protein shakes should be consumed post-workout or after strenuous activity, while meal replacement shakes are mainly used as a substitute for dinner because most carbs taken at night are mostly converted to fat due to reduced metabolism.

Why is Meal Replacement Shakes So Important?

They are a Good Source of Protein

Proteins come with a plethora of benefits in the body. And when you intend to lose weight through calorie reduction, it is recommended you cut on fats and carbs and increase your protein intake. This is because when the body is breaking down stored fat, it also targets the muscles.

But with enough protein intake, you get to burn down the fat without any detrimental effects on the muscles. More importantly, the digestion of protein is an energy-consuming process that helps in increasing your metabolism rate and the rate of breaking down stored fats.

A Balanced Substitute

A meal replacement shake integrates all nutrients needed for the functioning of the body. A shake consumed at dinner substitutes all the nutritional aspects that would be contained in a real meal. Ranging from fiber, protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, the products will help you keep your calorie intake in check while aiding you to achieve your diet goals.

Always remember never to over-rely on them because constant low calories in the body can be detrimental. Make sure after you achieve your weight loss goals, you reverse to your normal diet and exercise.

Best Meal Replacement shakes

More importantly, a meal replacement shake should:

  • Provide 15g of proteins per serving
  • Not include hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • Have a low-sugar content of less than 10g per serving
  • Provide at least 33% of vitamins and minerals
  • Have a high fiber content

Meal Replacement Shakes Eliminate Sugar Craving

Using Meal replacement shakes is a great way of maintaining blood sugar. It is important to note that skipping a meal to lose weight elevates blood sugar. But instead, by consuming a meal replacement shake, you can balance your blood sugar while keeping your calorie intake in check.

More importantly, they take time to digest, keeping you full for many hours and eliminating the cravings for unhealthy snacks.

A Faster Solution to Weight Loss

Of all the benefits of consuming a meal replacement shake, weight loss takes the cake as it is the primary objective. These formulas help you to cut on carb intake, providing a tailored solution to the burning of fat stored in the body while supporting your diet needs.

best meal replacement shakes for weight loss

Since they are designed with all the nutrients that are contained in a regular meal, they are satisfying and healthy. Most of the time, regular dieting to cut weight is very difficult. But with meal replacement shakes, you to be on a diet and even won’t realize it.

Help you Avoid Unhealthy Meals

These products are very convenient and portable. This scenario helps you to steer off from the urge to buy unhealthy snacks and processed foods. It is a known fact that the biggest challenge to weight loss is the amount of time it takes to prepare healthy meals.

Busy people usually find it convenient to eat processed food so as they can get back to their daily schedule quickly. This can derail their weight-losing objectives quickly. This is because most the processed foods integrate high percentages of carbs and sugar.

More importantly, the components such as salt, sugar, and fat found in processed food trigger the pleasure centers of the brain leading to overeating.

In a Nutshell

Losing a few pounds is crucial for your overall health. You get to avoid lifestyle diseases that are prevalent in our current society. And one way to keeping fit by burning extra fat is by using meal replacement diet shakes. They are affordable and contain low calories.

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