COVID 19 Coronavirus Masala Tea

What Foods and Drinks to Struggle against COVID-19 Coronavirus?

How do you spend your time with COVID- 19 Coronavirus Pandemic situation? Are you feeling boar? But, you can turn it as...
cinnamon in coffee weight loss

Cinnamon in coffee weight loss is the best benefits of drinking coffee

You probably add cream, milk, sugar, or even better, or at least one of these so your coffee will improve its flavor...
Healthy banana milkshake recipe

Healthy banana milkshake recipe and muskmelon juice

  Recipe by Sultana Banana milkshake can be prepared in many ways. It is very healthy fruit drinks with a lot of dietary benefits. Especially, if...
Strawberry oatmeal smoothie

Strawberry oatmeal smoothie and 2 types lassi drink recipe

Strawberry oatmeal smoothie Recipe by Rubaina Sara We all like oats are it with milk or with water but the strawberry oatmeal smoothie recipes will let...
Peanut butter green smoothie

The best peanut butter green smoothie | Even your kids can do it

This year a lot of spinach yielded in my garden. I made many new recipes like green vegetable cake, Peanut butter green smoothie, green...
Green mango Juice

Green Mango Juice Recipe | How to Prepare a Tasty Juice in Different Way

Usually, we use ripe mango for making mango juice. But, you can make mango juice in a different way using green mango....
Coffee drink recipe

Coffee Drink Recipe | How to Prepare Delicious Coffee at Home

Coffee is the most powerful drink. It helps people to keep awake and energetic. Coffee drink recipe is although very simple, its...
Chicken Soup Recipes

Chicken Soup Recipes | How to Cook Soup in Easy Way at Home

Soups are the nutritious food supplement. Most soups contain food particles in liquid forms with slight small pieces of other food ingredients....

Mint Juice Recipes | Quick and Easy 3 Drinks with Mint

Mint provides a good refreshing smell and it has many health benefits. People mostly used mint for garnishing. A pair of mint...
Cilantro Soup Recipes

Cilantro Soup Recipes Low Fat and Healthy Food

Chicken cilantro soup is a low-fat recipe as well as healthy food. Cilantro is a good source of the vitamin. It can help for increasing...