Desserts, cake and cookies

Desserts, cake and cookies

Cakes, payesh, cookies, pastries, and many more dessert recipe ideas to inspire you. These delicious dessert recipes will end your meal on a high note and fulfill your sweet tooth.

Queens cake recipe

Queens Cake Recipe | Tasty and Delicious cake

Recipe by Sultana I heard from many people that their first cake was not perfect. Some of them told me that their cake was hard,...
Butter cake recipe

Plain butter cake recipe | Simple way to make at home

Recipe by Sultana There is hardly any person, who does not like to eat cake. We find many types of cakes that are made differently...
Pizza recipes

3 Pizza recipes that everyone will love to eat

Recipe by Sultana There so many flavors and different types of pizza recipes in the pizza world. Today I am going to share 3 of...
Fruit Cake Recipe

Easy Fruit cake recipe without using egg beater

  Recipe by Sultana Easy fruit cake recipe is another quick and easy recipes from Sultana‚Äôs recipe. There are so many cakes in the cake world....
Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies an easy healthy tasty recipe

Recipe by Sultana I always try to make delicious food recipes for my family and friends, the recipe for tasty Christmas cookies is one of...
Brownie Recipe

Delicious brownie recipe | How to prepare easily at home

Recipe by Sultana The Delicious brownie recipe is another dessert cake and cookies recipe. Brownie is one of the most favorite and tasty cakes which...